Missions and Outreach

The Mission and Outreach Ministry is charged with helping our congregation carry out Christ’s Commandment to go out into the world and “feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and care for the sick” (Matthew 25: 34-46). To that end, the Mission and Outreach Ministry has worked joyfully to support the congregation in their passion to carry out feeding programs, fundraising efforts, and clothing drives and other collections. Moreover, the Ministry has sponsored speakers, coordinated field trips, and otherwise kept the congregation informed about the needs in our community and our world.

Part of our church’s resources are earmarked for charitable giving. The Mission and Outreach Ministry is entrusted to prayerfully distribute these funds. Recipients have included homeless programs, veterans’ service providers, food pantries, environmental programs, GBLT support organizations, free medical service providers, rehabilitation programs, children’s summer programs, and clean water initiatives.

The ministry welcomes and supports ideas for mission-related projects.  Working together with the congregation, the Ministry seeks to learn of needs in the greater community and of how we might be a part of lending a hand.

  • Feeding Ministries include support of Wesley Methodist’s food pantry both though food donation and distribution and preparation of bagged lunches for Worcester Fellowship, which is a Worcester UCC congregation ministering to individuals who choose to worship and/or choose to live outside.
  • Community Events include celebrating the LGBTQ community during Worcester Pride and supporting and participating in Worcester’s Walk for the Homeless
  • Recent Speakers have included:
    • Bob Bachelder from Worcester Area Mission Society who spoke about the unacceptable rise in homelessness and the need for advocacy.
    • Margie King-Sapier who preached on restorative justice.
    • Nancy Small the author of Seizing the Non-violent Moments: Reflections on the Spiritually of Nonviolence through the Lens of Scripture.
    • Representatives from Heifer Farm in Rutland MA who spoke about their anima giving program.    The church followed the speaking event with a field trip to the farm.
    • Ariel Royer a UCC Mission Intern who spoke about her work in the Middle East.
Worcester Pride parade

Worcester Pride parade

Faith and Response

We are a congregation committed to living our faith and to being God’s hands and heart in the world. Our Sunday worship provides a grounding for us to carry what we do within the church out into the larger community and world. We take seriously Jesus’ words that “when we serve the least of these, our brothers and sisters,” we are serving him, and we continually look for ways to serve Jesus through our actions and mission giving.

We believe the church is called to be a voice for justice, peace and inclusion in our world, and are committed to protecting our hard won human rights and our fragile earth. We seek to integrate our faith with our response to the issues before us as a country, using the teachings and example of Jesus as well as the words of the prophet Micah, to “do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with our God” to guide us. We have put together resources for those who would like to take an active role in becoming engaged as a person of faith in some of the most pressing issues of our day.

Links to resources that might be of interest and help to you: Faith and Response Reading ListLegislative Contact List

Just Peace Congregation

The Just Peace vision was adopted by the UCC over 30 years ago to define its position towards war, peace and conflict. Just Peace is a new way—routed in biblical teaching—that calls on us to actively engage in resolving conflict using non-violence. United Congregational has long been a Just Peace church, committed to seeking out peace in our community and supporting those who seek non-violent solutions to wider conflicts. Many of the actions we engage in as a congregation from collecting food for the hungry to supporting the LGBT community are part of this mission. While Just Peace began in the UCC it has found root in other denominations. In 2013, the World Council of Churches adopted the following calls to member churches:

  • For Just Peace in the community – so that all may live free from fear
  • For Just Peace with the Earth – so that life is sustained
  • For Just Peace in the marketplace – so that all may live with dignity
  • For Just Peace among the nations – so that human lives are protected

More Information Visit: ucc.org/justice_just-peace