What to Expect
We recognize that many people who visit a church for the first time do so with a bit of anxiety, but we hope that you feel welcomed and comfortable at United Congregational Church. The members of our congregation come from many different walks of life and a wide range of backgrounds and faith perspectives. We join together to worship God, follow the teachings of Jesus and serve through mission and outreach to our community and beyond.

What time is your worship service?
United Congregation Church worships on Sunday mornings at 10:30 AM. The services last approximately one-hour. There is also a fellowship time following the service. Please plan to join us for a beverage and treat so that we may greet you.

Where are you located? Is there parking?
United Congregational Church is located at 6 Institute Road in Worcester, MA at the intersection of Institute Rd. and Grove St. (a continuation of Main St.) near Salisbury St.  There is a parking lot at the bottom of Institute Rd. and parking is free. The entrance to Sunday morning  worship is up the hill from the parking lot – follow the signs.   The church is handicapped accessible.  There is parking on the street closer to the entrance for those who have difficulty walking.

What happens during the worship service?
As you enter, a greeter will welcome you and give you a bulletin to guide you through the service. After a time for announcements, our worship includes reading, preaching, prayer, and music. In the service you will be invited to stand, sing, pray, greet your neighbor, be in silence, or read responsively. We also receive an offering to support our church’s ministries. We welcome your financial gifts as well as your time and talents.

Communion is offered at on the first Sunday of each month. Our communion table is open to everyone. All are welcome to participate. Also on the first Sunday of the month, our pick-up choir meets before the service to practice music which they share with the congregation during the service. All are welcome to join the choir.

Do you offer Childcare or Sunday School?
Children and families are welcome at United. Children go to Sunday School at the beginning of the service and child care is offered for the duration of the service. In case you want to check on your children, both the Sunday School and child care are held in the room adjacent to our worship space. Children and youth are also encouraged to participate in worship including with music, reading, and special worship events.

What should I wear?
Some people do come to worship dressed in their Sunday best, however, most dress more casually. We encourage you to dress the way that feels most appropriate to you. God cares more about the state of our hearts than the state of our attire.

How can I find out about other activities of United?
There are other pages on this Website which will give you a snap shot of the church life and our community. Also join us for fellowship after church. There are plenty of people who will be happy to share with you their experience of United’s worship, life, and mission.

How can I get more information?
Please feel free to talk with members or with our minister. You may call the church office 508-752-3785 and make an appointment. You can also email the church at and we will get back to you promptly.