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November 2021

“The Holy Spirit is life-giving life. Universal Mover and the root of all creation, refiner of all things from their dross, brings forgiveness of guilt and oil for our wounds, is radiance of life, most worthy of worship. wakening and reawakening both earth and heaven”

- Hildegard of Bingen

Have you felt the Holy Spirit move lately? We all notice it differently. I know a person who attended a Bible Study that I used to teach who, every once in a while, when someone would make a good point, would jump as if she was just touched by electricity and say, “Halleluiah,” or “Praise God”. Another person I know says that, although she enjoys and learns from her church’s services on a Sunday morning, she is more likely to experience the divine when she is hiking in the woods or fishing in a lake near her house. Someone else told me that the spirit comes in revelation while reading scripture, often a familiar passage that strikes differently in a new season.

The Holy Spirit comes in the whispers of a prayer and in the chords of a familiar hymn, as a powerful wave in the middle of a lively worship service or during the recitation of the Lord’s prayer, communion, or the exchange of peace. She can also be found as a quiet voice of the heart heard in the car on the way to the grocery store or in the “new idea” that comes to you in the shower

It is this Holy Spirit that was like a wind on the waters of the deep at the beginning of time. It emboldened Peter on Pentecost Day, transformed the apostle Paul, inspired Martin Luther, and sustained John Wesley. This same Holy Spirit, the Lord, the giver of life, indwelling in you and in me, unites us all as believers. When and where will you hear the Holy Spirit speak next?

~Rev Brae

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